Child Protection Week

Last week, for Youth Month, our IDT (interdisciplinary) team ran a Child Protection Week Parenting Workshop for the parents in Masincedane. The focus was to educate parents on Children’s Rights and how they as parents and community members can help fulfil those rights and protect our children.

Often adults feel frustrated and disempowered when their basic human rights are not met, this is exacerbated for children as they do not have a voice to advocate for themselves. We looked at how adults can practically advocate for, intervene, and participate in ensuring Children’s Rights are increasingly being met. We also explored what support is available to parents in the community to do this and how best to access it.

We had 23 enthusiastic participants who engaged in discussions, activities and problem solving. There was a good mix of serious conversations and light heartedness. Feedback was encouraging and they cannot wait for the next parenting workshop!