The HandsandFeet team are a bunch of people from diverse backgrounds who use their expertise and giftings to bring warmth and resilience to their work, aiming to be Christ followers in all they do. They strive to serve people with selfless love and are guided by a genuine hope that God can make a way, even in the most hopeless of situations! Meet our wonderful staff:

Dean Douglas

ECD Assistant Teacher & Afternoon Club Facilitator

Ricky Douglas

Facilities Manager, Mens Group Facilitator & Recovery Coach

Tessa Gardener

Chief Executive Officer & Parenting Programmes Coordinator

Lucinda Herbert

ECD Teacher & Afternoon Club Coordinator

Joselin Jacobs

Hospitality Staff

Honest Jaya

Aquaponics Coordinator & Caretaker

Maggie Kampher

Hospitality Staff

Katie Marshall-Smith

Compliance Officer

Rori Modise

Lifelong Learning Facilitator

Carmen Napoleon

ECD Teaching Principal

Justine Spalke

Communications, Ladies Group Coordinator & Recovery Coach

Marco Spalke

Hope Projects Coordinator, Mens Group Facilitator & Recovery Coach

Linda van de Geest

First 1000 Days Facilitator, Ladies Group Facilitator & Recovery Coach

Henk van de Geest

Recovery and Restoration Partner Liaison

Nena van Lierop

Lifelong Learning Facilitor

Denise Williams

Social Worker

Shanur Williams

ECD Assistant Teacher & Afternoon Club Facilitator

Amy Wright

Occupational Therapist & First 1000 Days Coordinator