Parenting World Changers

“Parenting world changers”, a book written by author, Mandy Hart, has been mind-shifting for many of the parents who attended this parenting course. Dealing with gender, money , depression and anxiety in children and many more hard-pressing life issues. Parents, as well as Granny-Mommies, have learnt valuable lessons during this course on how to parent better by being aware of our communities, our city and the world around us.

The challenges our children are faced with in this day and age. How we can come alongside single mothers in the community. We have shared many stories on how we were parented, we laughed, cried and encouraged each other in prayer. Parents now have become more intentional about the time they spend with their children; how to love and nurture their relationship as they grow.

We have been given valuable knowledge through this book and it is possible for us to raise up world changers too!